Strata Systems

An Innovative Software Company
Strata Systems is dedicated to creating software for people who use computers like tools. We don't believe you have to be a computer expert to use them to improve your work and life. We enjoy the people we work with in the construction industry and we look forward to building even better and more useful tools for our customers in the future.

Founded in 1987 by Dan Hampton, Strata Systems has consistently built easy-to-use productivity-enhancing software tools using proven hardware and software technology.

We were involved for many years with the development of database and client/server applications for a variety of clients and industries. Now we now specialize in the creation of tools that allow our users to keep their information closer to them. Our current focus is on applications that run on handheld devices. We believe in putting information in the hands of our users where it can do them the most good.

Strata Systems is dedicated to enhancing lives by simplifying technology.