Installation, Integration and Implementation
Many times, particularly when there are more than roughly 6 Palm users for a Punch List installation, it proves very cost effective to engage the Punch List professionals to come to your site to install and configure Punch List and to train your staff. In situations where we have participated in the setup and training process, the adoption rate has been significantly higher. Additionally, having our team make direct contact with your staff helps to build a relationship that proves beneficial during the early adoption period.

Fees for implementation services depend largely on travel and time requirements. Generally, the cost is $2000 for the first day and $1500 per day for additional days. We will be happy to provide a firm cost proposal. Just let us know when you'd like us to be there.

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In addition to full implementation services, we are available to come to your site to train your staff on Punch List and/or the other Palm applications. Punch List users who have been trained get more productive more quickly than those who are left to learn the program while they continue to work their normal hectic schedule. Pricing for training depends on schedule and travel requirements.

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