Back Office Integration
Our goal for Punch List has always been to be the most effective field data collection and tracking tool on the market. Punch List Desktop includes a powerful reporting tool to help you learn from the data collected in the field.

Many companies use a one of a variety of back office tools for handling accounting and scheduling functions. Punch List comes with the ability to interact with schedule data in Microsoft Project and Primavera SureTrak through simple import and export processes. More sophisticated functionality is available to interact with the following programs.

Punchlist Manager Integration
Punch List and Punchlist Manager are a perfect combination. Punch List handles job tasks and tracking during the construction process. At the end of the job, transfer your accumulated data into Punchlist Manager for reference during the customer service and warranty phase. With a link to Punchlist, field data from Punch List can be made immediately available via the internet.

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BuildSoft Integration
The folks at HomeSphere have done amazing work with the BuildSoft line of back office systems. Part of their work has been to implement Punch List as their designated field tool. In addition to BuildSoft, HomeSphere has their Jobsite product that can be used to put complete project information on the internet for use by anyone involved with your projects.

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IBSWIN Integration
Pharaoh Information Systems recommends Punch List as their field data collection and updating tool. Activities are moved from IBSWIN into Punch List for updating and tracking in the field. This information is then moved back into IBSWIN for ongoing business management functions.

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FAST/Punch List Integrator - FAST/PLi
Working closely with Capital Pacific Homes, Strata Systems has developed the FAST/PLi system for tracking FAST activitities in the field using Punch List. Jobs, vendors and work items all flow directly between the two programs so Punch List becomes a natural extension of the FAST process.

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Master Builder/Punch List Integrator - MB/PLi
Strata Systems worked with an extensive team of Master Builder Solution Providers and directly with Intuit to build the link between Master Builder and Punch List. MB/PLi captures schedule data out of Master Builder and puts it in the field for monitoring and updating. Field data is moved back into Master Builder. Scheduled activities go back to the schedule. Field notes on unanticipated findings or problems are moved into the punchlist module of Master Builder.

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